Reevu Mobility Program & Registration

Reevu Mobility Program gives you the opportunity to replace your Reevu helmet that has been damaged in a crash with a new one at just 1/2 of the price. (MSRP)

All Reevu customers in U.S.A. and Canada who have purchased a new Reevu DOT compliant helmet as the first owner and registered it can take part in the Program. The offer is good within one year of an accident for customers who have pre-registered for the Mobility Program.

Please complete the fields and follow the directions in the online registration system to take part in the program.

Program information:
Your helmet is covered by the Reevu Mobility Program if you have an accident within 3 years of purchasing it. If your helmet is damaged you will be able to receive a new replacement from Reevu USA 1/2 of the price (MSRP). Please note the following so you can take advantage of the Reevu Mobility Program if you have an accident.

1. Register your helmet with Reevu

2. In the case of damage, report your accident to the police. This is extremely important as the police accident report is essential for later reimbursement.

3. To replace a crash-damaged DOT/ECE helmet with a new one for 1/2 of the current retail price, please begin by contacting our North American Service Center.
877 766 2668

4. You may be required to present the following documents and along with the damaged helmet:
Proof of registration
Driver’s License (must have motorcycle endorsement)
A police accident report
Sales receipt for the original Reevu helmet purchase

Please Note:
If the helmet model, color or graphic is no longer part of the Reevu range, you may substitute a comparable Reevu model.