Reevu Fsx1 Rear Vision Modular Snowmobile Helmet Black Matt

Reevu Fsx1 Rear Vision Modular Snowmobile Helmet Black Matt


Reevu Fsx1 Rear Vision Modular Snowmobile Helmet Black Matt and White Gloss

The worlds only Rear vision Snowmobile helmet. Experience the Vision with us!

We are building a community of riders that understands intelligent helmet systems!
This helmet has been tested by snowmobilers.

Riding with this helmet for a couple of hours and you’ll be able to see behind you in your peripheral vision while looking forward.  It will change your riding experience forever! You’ll know if your buddies jumped that creek or made it across the highway and you won’t have to turn around pulling a muscle to see them. With this technology, you will learn to see them while looking and riding forward and not even looking up into a rearview mirror! This is the game changer that separates Reevu from all other ordinary Helmets. Welcome to the future!
At 1550 grams, This is possibly the lightest tri-composite snowmobile helmet available!


Snowmobile helmets serve one purpose – to protect. Reevu have taken this concept further, producing the world’s first helmets with an integrated rear view system. you can see behind you!

When you wear a Reevu helmet your view ahead is not blocked or affected in any way. The view behind, however, is so dramatically transformed – you can see the trail behind you with your peripheral vision or a quick glance up.

This is a genuinely unique top mark helmet, currently only available through exclusive distribution, genuinely hand built from start to finish.

Once you have purchased your helmet, enjoy the comfort of a lifetime warranty and Mobility replacement program. Registration and details can be found at

Reevu Product Description Includes

No Fog Mask
Full face helmet ECE ONU 22-05 and DOT approved
Patented Rear-view optic technology
Electric visor
Zip out neck collar
Tri-composite advanced fibre shell
Top crumple zone
Comfort fit and air tight seal for quiet ride
Quick release retention system
High quality wick-away soft easy-care liner
Removable & hand washable head liner and cheek pads
For your FSX1 Rear vision modular snowmobile helmet black matt, Contact us for your closest dealer or visit us at the altimate outlet 81 Ingram Dr 4 blocks south of Lawrence East off keele 416 248 2292

Rearview Science
The Rear view system developed by Reevu engineers and Scientists is to overcome the inherent design flaw in helmets, namely to overcome the restriction of the riders peripheral vision. This technological marvel has taken British inventors, European expertise and Italian design to comply too strict international safety standards, as putting vision systems into helmets was deemed impossible by industry insiders. The Reevu team, have collaborated over a number of engineering and scientific disciplines to make that impossibility a reality. The Reevu helmet is now tested and approved to the highest international standards the optic part was developed and now acts as a crumple zone due to its unbreakable and load displacing properties. It has taken over 10 years of research and development to bring the RV MSX1 through the manufacturing process so that Motor sports enthusiasts don’t have to endure the lack of information of what is coming up behind them.

Sizing Chart

The correct size is crucial.  Start by measuring your head.
Measure around your head to your forehead
inch…….21…….21 3/4…22 1/2…23 1/4……24……24 5/8




Reevu Fsx1 Rear Vision Modular Snowmobile Helmet Black Matt and White Gloss


L, M, S, XL, XS


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