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Motorcycle Helmets for Men and Women

When it comes to motorcycle safety, the motorcycle helmet you wear on your head can be a matter of life or death.   When choosing a helmet make sure it is now Dot Certified and ECE 2205.  This way you know

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Revzilla “What is the Schtick?”

Does Revzilla do this to other suppliers.  I would think such a strong IT department would be able to delete a product that they have unilaterally decided not to sell  properly from their website.  They claim helmets are not in

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Gixxer Rider Review

Picked this up after seeing they had a Canada Day sale on a Facebook post. Dave at the Toronto location was extremely helpful, very honest and informative. The product works surprisingly well. I shared concerns with Dave because I wear glasses

Reevu R and D explained here

Listen in on this interview with Mark Steele Reevu Engineer and HUD expert.  

Nothing Compares to Saving Lives!

Times are changing but for the most part Motorcycle Helmets haven’t except when the Modular style came out imop.  Some are experimenting with different things with Torsional support but really all them are for crashing and not for Prevention. So

Reevu In Business

Is Reevu in business? We are happy to report we are! After a 30 million dollar Spoof product, namely Skully was commissioned and created with direct aim at us , We have seen our product attacked on all fronts, including