Motorcycle Helmets for Men and Women

When it comes to motorcycle safety, the motorcycle helmet you wear on your head can be a matter of life or death.   When choosing a helmet make sure it is now Dot Certified and ECE 2205.  This way you know it is a tested helmet. Next check for Composition of shell. Fibre composites are generally known for being better in a crash as energy disperses better than a pvc or polycarbonate  made helmet. Careful when buying  a snell rated helmet. Some manufacturers make the shell so hard to pass te test that nothing can penetrate the helmet but the shock wave travels right through it.

Most important is the fit. If the helmet isn’t comfortably snug on your head, you run the risk of your head slapping around inside the helmet and injury can be caused in a fall.

Of course vison is hugh. At Reevu we are giving you more vision than any other helmet available. The more Vision you have , the easier it is to make decisions when trouble is coming. An extra second means alot especially if you can move into another lane and get out of harms way.