adjustable optics

To fit the optic part for that bespoke rearview image

1. Fit the helmet to the head snugly, without any movement.

2. For best results, try helmet on outside on a walkway with traffic coming from behind. (Do not step out into traffic).


3. If the road behind is not clearly seen, take the movable front optic and rotate it forward and back using slight pressure between finger and thumb until full view is given.


4. After this initial adjustment a full view should be available.


5. If a more sophisticated adjustment is needed, then by inserting the special Reevu driver into the hexagon socket located just above the mirror inside the helmet.
The mirror system can be adjusted into and out from the helmet.  (Do not over adjust this optic past its stops).



6. A re-adjustment will be needed if the optic is retracted or extended for that extraordinary fit.
Finally, the optic system in this helmet is to give the wearer a view of the road directly behind by using peripheral vision, the same way that we use the central mirror in other vehicles.